Contrary to what you may have heard, I find the fall is often the absolute best time to either purchase your home, or consider selling your home! 

I often have people say they want to wait until after the first of the year or spring time to make their moves.  When asked why, they often say this is what they have been told to do.

Something to consider, I historically have some of my best real estate months at the end of the year and this year appears to be the same as past years.

Why do I think this happens?

In the spring, there are customarily more homes on the market for buyers to consider so there is more competition and some sellers put their home on the market to “see how much we can get”.  Also, in the spring, I will potentially have more buyers who will buy a home if it is exactly right!  There are more buyers potentially; however, there are also more “window shoppers” who enjoy the nice weather to go see what is out there.

In the fall, as I educate my sellers, the people who are looking to purchase are serious.  They make special job arrangements to see homes during shortened days and brave colder temperatures and potential bad weather to see a home.  I tell my buyers, the sellers selling their home are also serious, and if you are ever going to know of a problem a home might have, it is often more evident in the fall with poor weather. 

This means that when there are two serious groups with a common goal, the goal is achieved more quickly and with fewer potential hiccups!

As interest rates are modifying, do not let what someone else may have “Told You” to make your decision.   Let’s see what makes the best sense for YOU personally!

Keeping you informed!