5 things that could earn you extra money that you personally do not need and could influence your desire to sell!

1. A huge yard you do not enjoy as much as you used to.

Are you are paying extra for the cost of watering and maintaining a yard you do not use? If you had a large family or kids that would use this large yard great. However, if you find the time and cost of maintaining this beautiful yard is more than you want to do, a new family will pay a premium for it!


2. A short commute you do not need.

Are you retired? Are you potentially able to work from home? Many people will pay extra for the easy access to freeways, offices, hospitals and other places of work that often require a commute. Capitalize on your homes location and earn extra money as well!

3. Living in a top school district when you don't have school age kids.

Are your kids grown and gone? Many times we pay for a school district when raising our family. Once your family is beyond school age, the reason you purchased in that neighborhood could be a potential opportunity to capture a new family’s interest and gain extra value!

4. A bigger house than you truly need.

If you find you are not going into rooms, keeping the doors closed to save on heat and cleaning, then this could be a great indicator that it is time to move into something smaller that requires less upkeep. Often your extra space will be a welcome opportunity for a growing family and they will pay for the space to spread out in!


5. Fancy amenities you no longer use.

Do you have a swimming pool, tennis court, fancy play structure, or RV shop that you no longer use? These key features are hot buttons for buyers! Often your unique features that you no longer use offer an extra appeal to buyers. The fact that they do not have to spend time or energy to create the amenities your home offers, builds added value to the home potential price!

These are only a few things to consider! Call or text me if you want a more personal evaluation and some super easy tips to help you get prepared even if it is a few years away! Starting now makes the process so much more simplified!

Best for now, Krista